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My name is Benin Brown. I was raised by a librarian who majored in English Literature and a scientist with a passion for perfection. Together they instilled in me a serious appreciation for the English language and a passion for precision.

I started Brown Web Copy because of my love for marketing and writing along with my passion for working with service businesses. If you own a service business and are already advertising your business online but aren’t getting enough leads, we should talk. My copywriting services are designed to help you:

* Drive Website Traffic
* Build Interest
* Spur Action
* Grow ROI

If this sounds like something you’d like to discuss, give me a call today at 404-492-6088. If you’d like to learn more about me, before calling, then by all means — continue reading.

Benin Brown – Principal, CEO

Brown Web Copy - Benin Brown

Benin Brown, CEO


Since my mother is a librarian who majored in English literature and my dad was a physicist, both art and science were emphasized during my upbringing.

My earliest memories include:

* Getting in trouble for using improper grammar
* Tagging along with my dad in the physics lab at Ga. Tech
* My mother taking me to the library to read famous pieces of literature
* My father telling my siblings and me Brer Rabbit tales
* Deciding to become a writer – after reading Dear Mr. Henshaw
* Tinkering with electronics, drawing and writing poetry

The Early Years

If the story isn’t interesting yet, imagine all of this happening to a kid who shuttled between Decatur, Georgia (off of Candler Rd.) and the St. Louis City, Mo. Interestingly, from early childhood until my sophomore year at Morehouse College, I’d figured on becoming an engineer. But everything changed when I discovered this thing called entrepreneurship.

After a one year study abroad adventure in Ghana, I came back to the States, finished my degree at Morehouse and started my first business venture. I didn’t make a million but did develop an immense appreciation for marketing – the old school variety.

Career Related

As much as I loved sales and marketing my financial realities compelled me to leave the industry, in search of greener pastures. But six years later someone told me about blogging which brought me right back into marketing, only this time it was online marketing. Afraid I’d end up repeating history, I decided that maybe my passion for marketing wasn’t enough.

So in 2010 I earned my master’s degree in Internet marketing from Full Sail University and my digital marketing career hasn’t looked back. But would you like to hear something funny? Throughout the entire span, writing has been the one constant.

Here’s how it looks, Benin has:

* Written poetry and maintained a private journal as a child
* Written countless essays during college
* Published hundreds of personal blog articles
* Edited other people’s blog posts as a mult-blog editor
* Planned, managed and edited SEO content for employers and clients
* Created sales and web marketing content for employers and clients
* Written and published several books

The Bottom Line

Thirty plus years after telling myself I’d become a writer it occurred to me that…I am writer! Since coming to that realization I’ve taken on countless copywriting assignments and numerous writing courses.

And it all boils down to this…The artist in me is on a never-ending quest to hone my craft, while the scientist in me is only obsessed with results – its been the perfect combination for my clients.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call me now at 404-492-6088… Alternatively, add your details to the form and hit enter!





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