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If you’re reading this page there’s a good chance that you’re concerned about at least one of the following website ailments:

* Weak search engine rankings
* Low website traffic
* No sales
* Not enough email sign-ups
* Minimal brand awareness
* Uninspiring content

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that any one of these are serious issues that could is serious enough to harm your business. While it may sound dramatic, just ask yourself this…How long can you hold out if things stay the same?

And before you make the same mistake that many others in your shoes have made by thinking that an expensive website makeover will do the trick, consider this…What’s the use if you’re the only person who visits your beautiful website?

The reason that you want great web copy is that it’s the only tool that can do all of the following:

* Increase your search engine visibility
* Grow your website traffic
* Build interest in your offerings
* Improve your conversions
* Boost your sales

All while lowering your total marketing costs! That’s right, by boosting your sales – without increasing your advertising budget good copy actually cuts your advertising costs. Which brings us to the good news…If your website isn’t producing results, you’ve come to the right place.

Brown Web Copy can help turn your website around. We offer the following copywriting services:

SEO Articles

While all forms of content are important, if no one knows that your website exist — then what good is it? That’s where search engine optimized (SEO) articles comes in. By crafting your articles to include a nice balance of keyword richness and informative text, you stand a higher chance of being found in the search engines.

Clients often ask what’s the difference between SEO articles and blog posts. While this answer may vary depending upon who you ask; generally SEO articles convey a more serious tone and are published on someone else’s website so that you can benefit from the external traffic.

Alternatively, blog posts tend to use the tone of the brand and are usually published on your own blog.

Blog Posts

When readers happen upon your blog, they’re generally looking for authority and personality. In order to communicate these two items through your posts you need 1) well researched posts that speak to specific problems that bother your audience and 2) posts that are consistent with your brand’s voice.

Another trait your customers are looking for in your blog is consistency. So don’t disappoint them. i.e. If you normally publish two blog posts a week, maintain that pattern.

Brown Web Copy can help keep your blog current, we can even create and manage a blog calendar for you, giving you content on demand – without you lifting a finger. Ask us how!


Web Page Content

Your web page content serves four purposes 1) to spread awareness 2) to spark interest 3) to stoke desire and 4) to spur action.

However, the problem is that, at best, most web content only fulfills one of these functions. When that happens you may get website traffic but once your visitors see your content, they run for the hills.

Brown Web Copy creates web page content that is not only attracts visitors but that is also designed to grab your readers’ attention while you stir their desire and persuade them to take action. This includes service pages, about pages and etc.


Legal Content

In addition to some of the more broad topics, Brown Web Copy is also able to handle more specialized content, such as legal and medical content. So whether the topic is DUI, bankruptcy, divorce, injury or etc. we’ve got you covered.

The same goes for medical content – including chiropractic, general medicine, dental, cosmetic surgery and other highly specialized topics.

So contact us today and experience the Brown Web Copy advantage!

Ereport Content

Ereports are the perfect tool to help you connect with your readers and grow your email list. Whether you’re selling your ebook or giving it away to grow your email list, it must provide value to the reader.

For this to happen there must be a clearly written theme that runs through each section of the report and there must also be an emphasis on educating your reader. The reward for businesses who create this type of content is an engaged audience that keeps coming back for more – well after the first purchase.

Social Media Copy

Social media content should not only separate you from the competition but it should also pull the reader into your funnel. There are three ingredients that social media content must have if you intend on doing this.

* It must be well written
* It should be timely
* It has to include a soft call to action

Our social media copy includes each element because with so many others competing for your audience’s attention, how else are you going to get it?

Sales Page Copy

A sales page can make or break your sales goals. However, a sales page serves just one purpose – to convert your visitors into buyers. And believe me this doesn’t happen by accident. There’s a lot that goes into writing a sales page that converts. It involves:

* Getting to know your business
* Researching your competitors
* Developing a clear profile of your customers

This is done so that we can address your visitors objections before they even come up so that by the time they see your call to action they’re ready to hit buy! If your sales page isn’t doing this for you, Brown Web Copy can help.

Press Release Content

The right press release can work wonders for your business. They can:

* Bring you website traffic
* Help you connect to the media
* Improve your search engine rankings

If you have events that are newsworthy and timely we can help you craft the perfect press pitch for the occasion.

Do you see a service that isn’t listed? Give us a call at 404-492-6088…or Skype us at beninbrown and let’s discuss it!

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